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    Community Concepts - Walkers' Point Youth and Family Center
by Lori Runge and Tim Muma - May, 2014
Walker's Point Youth and Family Center is a private, non-profit corporation which has been providing help to Milwaukee area youth and families since 1976. Many similar organizations exist across the country, giving thousands of teenagers and young adults the opportunity to begin their paths to fulfilling and successful careers. Program director Lori Runge joins Tim Muma to discuss the programs Walker's Point Youth and Family C...
    Volunteering At - PACA
by Michael Grochowski and Azure Mahara - Jul, 2013
The Pan African Community Association (PACA) is run largely through volunteer effort. PACA provides services for African immigrants and refugees in the greater Milwaukee area of Wisconsin. The organization strives to provide services that facilitate access to jobs, housing, transportation, medical care, education, and support for families. In this episode of Volunteering At, host Azure Mahara speaks with Michael Grochowski fro...
  The Secret's Out! Women In The Workplace
by Mi'Shon Landry - Jan, 2016
It probably comes as no surprise to know that... But did you also know? Although women represent more than half of the total workforce, however their share of employment varies considerably across occupational groups. The female wage gap still presents lots of opportunity for improvement, with a key factor contributing to the gap is GENDER DIFFERENCES ACROSS OCCUPATIONS. Today, more Black wo...
  Community Outreach & Diversity
by Local JobNetwork™ - May, 2012
Welcome to a powerful network that connects employers with more than 16,000 organizations across the nation to provide employment assistance to constituents in their communities. We value our partnerships with construction/skilled trades, diversity organizations, general business, historically black colleges and unive...
  Get Elected to the Career of Your Dreams: Lessons Learned from the Candidates
by Marshawn Evans - Jan, 2009
I don't know about you, but I'm still on a high from this historic election! This is certainly an exciting time for our country. We saw a lot of firsts! The first female vice presidential nominee and of course, the election of the first African-American to the Oval Office. It was electrifying to see people around the country unite, and become intimately involved in the political process. Watching the level of enthusiasm and ra...
  Chicago Urban League ProjectNEXT - The Next Big Thing for Minority Entrepreneurs
by Liz Handlin - Oct, 2007
Earlier this week, in my capacity as Vice President of Marketing for BroadPeak Collaborative, I attended the kick-off luncheon for the Chicago Urban League's forward-thinking new project called ProjectNEXT. The last time I felt that much energy and anticipation in a room was when I kicked off Money Smart Week at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago - and it felt great! Under the high-energy and progressive leadership of CEO...
  Eyes on the Prize
by Yvonne LaRose - Feb, 2007
Within the last month, Los Angeles has focused on no less than three race-based violence cases that involved minority youth as the perpetrators. As we approached the midpoint of February 2007, the City staged an unprecedented three-day international summit that included City legislators and law enforcement officials studying, discussing, and formulating plans on how to address the issue of gangs that encourage youth to drop ou...
  Job Security Gets a Little Stronger
by Dave Murphy - Nov, 2004
A survey released this month says that Americans have gotten more confident about the job market than they have been in at least two years — but that doesn’t exactly mean that people are dancing in the streets. In the random sampling of 1,017 full-time workers nationwide conducted by Right Management Consultants, three-quarters of people responding say they believe that there is little or no chance they will lose their jobs...
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