Blogging Your Way to a Professional Brand
To blog or not to blog? That is the question! You are a busy executive with lots of daily responsibilities. So why on earth would you want to blog in addition to all of your regular duties?

I get it, believe me! As a professional in the career industry who is committed to providing my clients with personalized attention and professional results, it is sometimes hard to find the time. I make the time because I know that blogging is a critical component of a good professional branding strategy.

People know me; and they know what I stand for because they see my postings and read about me in the career world. They recognize me as an industry expert. That is what branding is all about - getting yourself out there as a “household” name within your industry of specialization. You want to become a trusted resource, someone whose opinion matters.

The answer to whether or not you should blog depends on the level of your desire to create an image that will reap rewards for many years to come. Professional branding is a strategy that requires a multi-pronged approach, of which blogging should be an integral part.

Here are a few reasons why blogging is a simple and effective way to improve your professional brand.

1. Creating your own blog or contributing to a popular online blog is an excellent way to raise your status and allow you to share your knowledge with others.
2. As you blog, you demonstrate your expertise. You will elevate your brand within your professional community. As a result, you will expand your network.
3. Blogging also forces you to maintain awareness of emerging industry trends. You will want to continue to expand your knowledge so that you can add value and create new content for your blog.

There are several blogging platforms from which you can choose. One of the benefits of blogging is that you can share your ideas and expertise with a larger community.

The process can be enjoyable; ultimately you will find that people will also share their ideas by way of comments and you will have an ongoing opportunity to continue to drive your brand, and also share your ideas.

We will be writing additional articles about professional branding in the coming weeks so stay tuned!