Time Your Tasks, Increase Your Income!
Do you know where you are spending your time each and every day in your business?

Do you if those tasks and that time is providing the return in productivity, revenue or profit that you expect for you and your business?

No matter the business, the client, and the length of time someone has been in business, one significant drain on their results and accomplishments is distractions, lack of focus, and swirling throughout their day. Instead of looking for client pushing papers, emails, or other tasks that are not revenue generating and driving value to their business. Instead of prospecting for new customer, identifying new or current ways to market to their customers, managing their team, or creating new strategies for growth, many business owners find the work day ending without many things accomplished in the day.

There are many reasons why that is which is what yesterday’s Tip of the Day discussed: the potential pot holes, constraints and barriers to one’s success. Today, I want to provide you 3 simple tips for increasing your productivity as Entrepreneur each and every day. The Goal: increase productivity and therefore your business success!

Coaching Tip of the Day!

Get a grasp on your time and see immediate increases in your productivity, energy and focus, as well as your teams:

1. Write down the 3 most important tasks and activities you as the Business Owner should be doing each day to generate revenue and to move your business forward!
2. Allocate the amount or percentage of time you should be spending on each of those activities.
3. For one week, keep track of everything you are ACTUALLY doing during each business day by Task, Time, and Duration: for example 1 hour on email from 9-10am, 30 minutes with customer at 11:00-11:30, 2 hours traveling/attending networking event, 45 minutes writing an order at 6:00pm, 2 hours working the cash register 1:00-3:00pm...you get the point.

How does your Plan and your Actual list stack up for the tasks and time you are actually spending time on, and the activities you should be doing? Are they in line or are you finding yourself doing tasks that are not revenue generating and working toward the goals of your business?

Additional Tip:

You have to work on the revenue generating and business development activities during your core work day, i.e. 9-5:00 when your customers and prospects are available. All other tasks and activities MUST be done before and after the core revenue generating hours, i.e. email, paperwork, bookkeeping, filing, creating newsletters/marketing, updating contact management file, etc.

Attached is a Time Block Schedule template that can help you allocate your core revenue generating time effectively (see legend on the document), so you stay on point.

• If you have to do email allocate when during the day you will do it
• If you have standard appointments or networking events, block them out
• You have team meetings or HAVE to work in the business, block it out
• Block out all of the revenue generating activities to ensure you have time to do them
• Then ALL other administrative and operational activities must be:

o delegated to someone else
o hired or outsourced to someone else
o done by you OFF hours (and yes that does mean early mornings, nights or weekends)

Try it for 21 days, 3 full weeks, and watch your productivity soar, as well as your bank account!


Good Luck!