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  Career Success At Any Price?
by Georgia Adamson - Jan, 2014
Probably most of us want to achieve success in our chosen career. That’s a normal part of human nature, and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, if career success at any price is your motivator, you might be barreling along in the wrong direction. After all, you don’t get to go back and do your life over if you mess it up the first time and finish without making a major change in direction. You and Ebeneezer Scrooge...
  Career Tips Tuesday: Why Snooping is Your Best Job Search Strategy
by Abby Locke - Jan, 2014
There is a lot of truth to the notion about what happens when preparation meets opportunity, the possibilities are endless… especially when it comes to your executive job search. However, if your career background is highly specialized, your experience is in a niche industry or your job search is limited to a small geographic location, your strategy needs to be extremely tailored, precise and customized to yield the greate...
  How Job Hunters Should Use Facebook To Find Work
by Joshua Waldman - Jan, 2014
Thanks to Facebook’s dominance as the leading social network, combined with ways recruiters are using it to locate talent, if you’re serious about finding work, you must have a presence on this site. There are three reasons Facebook is so essential when you’re looking for a job in today’s social media–focused world: 1. Most jobs come from referrals. If most jobs come from referrals, and most referrals come from fr...
  How to Use Google AdWords to Target Specific Hiring Managers
by Joshua Waldman - Jan, 2014
Use Google AdWords, the search engine’s pay-per-click advertising tool, to attract the attention of specific hiring managers and decision makers. Adwords enables you to take up an ad on the search results page of any keywords you choose. You can use a similar technique on the ad networks of Bing, Yahoo!, Facebook, and even Twitter. Go to Google Adwords and sign in with your Google ID.If you don’t already have a Google ID, cr...
  Interviewing on Skype
by Mary Jeanne Vincent - Jan, 2014
Today, interviewing candidates via SKYPE is increasingly common. Human resources managers can save valuable recruiting dollars using technology to evaluate out-of-state candidates, easily schedule back-to-back interviews and size up a candidate’s comfort with technology. Here are some tips for making a great first impression from during a video conference call. Practice makes perfect. Test out the software by calling a f...
  Is Your Head Ready to Explode? 4 Ways to Keep It Together. | Simplifying
by Dawn Lennon - Jan, 2014
“Make it stop,” you say, ”–the noise, the confusion, the stupid mistakes, the wasted time.” When our work days amount to one distraction and miscue after another, we feel caught in an endless squeeze, desperately trying to get our work done in spite of it. If we could only find the cause and do something about it. Or if our boss would just stop contributing to or ignoring the problems. Alas, we’re left hel...
  Job Searching? 11 Effective Ways to Create Your Target Company List
by Lisa Rangel - Jan, 2014
Most job seekers struggle with how to build their target company list and end up resorting to job boards and depending on recruiters. That rarely works. It’s time to take back control of your job search by using these target list building methods to find your own opportunities and expand your target company list. (1) Create a Wish List of companies where you have always wanted to work. If you are going to conduct a jo...
  Leading Through Inquiry - Do Ask, Don’t Tell
by Dr. Maynard Brusman - Jan, 2014
Good communication is a hallmark of healthy organizations, but it’s often founded on the belief that employees thrive when given clear directions. In today’s increasingly complex organizations, it’s not enough to tell people what to do. Leaders who ask evocative questions instead of giving instructions set the stage for better communication, employee engagement and high performance. After airplane crashes, chemical and nucl...
  Learn Something Unrelated. Kick Your Career Up a Notch.
by Dawn Lennon - Jan, 2014
Learning something new gets our attention. It reminds us we have skills to build on, dormant interests ready for the light, and talents (latent or otherwise) screaming for an outlet. It you want to build self-confidence and give your career trajectory a shot in the glutes, find something unrelated to your job and learn it. Embrace the counterintuitive. We’re told at work that we need to develop our skills and expa...
  Negotiating: Twenty-One Rules of the Game
by Ford R. Myers - Jan, 2014
Negotiating Ability? Your negotiating ability is a strength and an asset to your prospective employer. By doing it effectively right from the start, you are proving that when you’re on the other side of the desk, you will negotiate on behalf of the company to make the best deals, get the best prices, and generate the most profit. Some hiring managers even go so far as to say that when candidates do no negotiating at...
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