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  Resumes Must Grab Readers’ Attention
by Miriam Salpeter - May, 2010
It’s only recently that I have personally taken advantage of DVR technology. Yes, I watched shows when they were on live AND sat through commercials. We didn’t even have cable (believe it), so using the VCR to record and replay shows wasn’t a good option – the reception was not good enough make it worthwhile. So, when TV went digital and the converter box for those without cable didn’t give me access to ABC, it was time to...
  How Much Is Too Much To Ask For When It Comes To Your Career?
by Elizabeth Freedman - May, 2010
We’ve been told to be assertive, and ask for what we want – but do we cross the line when it comes to our careers? As a former fundraiser, I was taught to ask for the money – we can’t expect people to read our minds or to hand over their checkbooks. And, I’ve seen enough ‘Oprah’ by now to know that, no, I can’t expect my husband to know that, yes, I really did want to get a huge bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day, not ju...
  Taking Advantage of your Summer
by Claudine Vainrub - May, 2010
Internships and other ways to make a use of your summer vacation: Gone are the days when summer vacation time was solely used for going to the beach, being lazy and relaxing around the house. With the competition evident in the college admissions race, it pays off to think about doing something more useful with your time of leisure. Preparing for the college admissions race requires a lot of time and effort. However, it...
  Career Change: Stay on Track
by Patricia Erickson - May, 2010
If you’re planning on changing careers in the near future, having goals and taking action will be critical to your success. The problem is that it’s not always easy to stay on track or to keep your momentum steady. Taking action is important just as planning and having the drive to succeed are necessary. In essence, the career changers who take action will see results. You might wonder how do you stay on track and motivate...
  The Late Show
by Suzanne Bates - May, 2010
"How we spend our days, of course, is how we spend our lives" - Annie Dillard, The Writing Life The meeting was in downtown Boston, about a 25 minute ride with no traffic. For some reason I had reserved only 30 minutes travel time on my calendar. Then it dawned on me, that when I got there I would have the nauseating round and round drive through a circular parking garage; 13 precision point turns of the wheel to maneuver...
  They Can’t Reward You if They Don’t See You – How to Increase Your Visibility at Work
by Tai Goodwin - May, 2010
If you come in on time, keep your head down, do your work and show that you are a team player – surely your boss will realize your dedication right? And there’s no way that your company will be able to overlook your hard work and above and beyond contributions right? Wrong. In today’s world of work – hard work, being a team player, and adhering to basic professional standards are baseline expectations of all employees. P...
  Three Resume Formats – Which One Is Best For You?
by Mandy Marchitello - May, 2010
CHRONOLOGICAL – The chronological resume is an excellent choice for those who have steadily progressed on their career track, with few bumps along the way. If each position you’ve held has built upon the one previous to it, thereby demonstrating growth in knowledge and responsibilities, this style of resume will work best for you. A chronological resume is the one most preferred by hiring managers, as it allows them to eas...
  7 Essential Paper-tools and Social Media Tools for your Job Search Portfolio!
by Sharon Cohen - May, 2010
Next step – Career Transition Action Plan outline (Part II) A resume is not enough! You will need a portfolio of professional paper-tools and job search tools. These tools should be in both the traditional formats (i.e.: hardcopy of a resume) and in the Web 2.0 formats (i.e.: LinkedIn profile) Read on to learn about the 7 Essential Papertools for your Career Transition Action Plan (Part II) This post is part II...
  Facial Piercings
by Amanda Guralski - May, 2010
Look around you. How many people have some kind of in-your-face piercing? No, I’m not talking about the girl across from you with her cartilage pierced. How many have their nose pierced? What about tongue? Eyebrow? Lip? Septum? What are the odds the new bizgal will have a lip ring? Have facial piercings become an acceptable concession for employers? That all-important first impression “I don’t think I would say that emp...
  The Interview – The Nitty Gritty – Now You Know!
by Amanda Guralski - May, 2010
It’s an hour after your interview and you’re still obsessing about what you should have said, what you did say, and what perhaps you never should have said. As we hit rewind and replay the interview, let’s rehash the interview process. Let’s start at the very beginning...When we asked my middle daughter what she did in kindergarten, she always began with “first, I hung up my coat...” and then we heard her very imaginative play...
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