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  Forget About Prioritizing
by Suzanne Bates - May, 2010
“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Steven Covey It’s that time of year - corporate strategy meetings, team off-sites, global leadership meetings, board of director meetings; they’re coming fast and furious. If you’re like my clients you are preparing at least one presentation, probably a few. Some of my clients go into this process like a Chinese fire drill (which I...
  Three Career Lessons From The Soccer Field
by Miriam Salpeter - May, 2010
Have you ever watched small kids play soccer? It can be a real trip! (Pun intended.) While watching a game last weekend, I thought of 3 lessons job seekers can learn... Do you know which way you should be kicking? In the game I watched, there is no goalie in the box. So, sometimes it is tough for the kids to remember which way they should be kicking. (This is complicated by the fact that they switch sides during the game...
  Key Words - Put Them In There!
by Mandy Marchitello - May, 2010
When responding to a job posting, be sure to highlight “key words” or core qualifications as specified by the hiring company. Next, sprinkle the key words throughout the body of your resume. “Oh no!”...I heard you scream. Are you saying I have to prepare a different resume for each job posting? The answer to that question is part no and part yes. Let’s start with the part I know you like best. Hey, I rhymed! NO –...
  Five Resume Basics We Bet You’ve Overlooked!
by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - May, 2010
Five basic résumé rules and the mistakes you make that break them. Thousands of job seekers make these mistakes. Are you making them too? FORGETTING TO INCLUDE A COVER LETTER Not attaching a cover letter to a résumé is like shooting in the dark. Hiring managers receive hundreds of unsolicited résumés every week. Tell them specifically what opening you are applying to or the position you’re inquiring about. Do not presume...
  Five Reasons to Follow Up in Your Job Search
by Mary Sherwood Sevinsky - May, 2010
Many job seekers miss the one step that can land them an interview and the job they are applying for. Sure, they send in their resume or application. They may even send additional information requested. But many of the unemployed simply fail to follow up with the employers to whom they apply. Why follow up? 1. Consideration. Care to guess how often an online resume or application is not received or mis-routed to the wrong p...
  Give Thanks, Get Hired
by Kevin Donlin - May, 2010
One day in September 1996, I was talking to Steve, my manager. We had just interviewed a woman for a writing job. Discussing how we ourselves had been hired, I mentioned that I had mailed a thank-you note to the manager who interviewed me. “So did I,” replied Steve. And we were both hired. Wasn’t that a coincidence? The next day, we each received a thank-you note in the mail from Leitha, the woman we interviewed. We hire...
  How Do I Get Noticed at a Job Fair?
by Amanda Guralski - May, 2010
Question: How do I get noticed at a job fair? Answer: Job fairs can sometime seem overwhelming and tiresome and soon you begin to doubt whether you’ll ever be noticed. As you check out your competition, you realize that you’re seeing cookie-cutter images of you! Lots of black suits–so much so that you begin to wonder whether the recruiters can even begin to tell you apart! If everyone’s hearing the same advice on how to dr...
  Keys To A Great Email In Your Job Search!
by Harry Urschel - May, 2010
Most opportunities you have to present yourself to a hiring decision maker will involve sending an email. The form and substance of that email will have a great deal to do with whether you get a response or not. As a recruiter, I receive a lot of emails from job seekers looking for leads, looking for help in their search, or pursuing specific job opportunities I’m working on. On average, I receive between 1000 and 1500...
  Job Hunting Strategies for MBAs
by Robin Ryan - May, 2010
MBA graduates often take home some of the best salaries in America. Starting grads can earn more than $100,000 right out of school. But what if you've been slaving over papers, reading dozens of books and finally you're about to earn that degree...and you have no new job in sight? Based on the career counseling calls I'm getting, that is the case for some of the MBAs seeking to advance their careers. Either their current e...
  Why You Must be Specific When Talking to a Hiring Manager
by Joshua Waldman - May, 2010
Ever buy a car? Wanted it to be unique? How come as soon as you put your money down you start to notice the very car you just bought, down to color and rims, is all over town? RAS! The Reticular Activating System is located in your brain stem in the back of your head. Among its many functions, it helps filter information that is coming toward you at a rapid clip. So, the RAS dampens stimulus and it filters what we want t...
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