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  Can You Lead Without Authority?
by Alexandra Levit - Apr, 2010
In a business world of shrinking hierarchies and individual contributors, one of the toughest challenges for the high-achiever is learning to lead without authority. In my years in the workforce, I’ve been responsible for several large, multi-departmental initiatives with only a few direct reports to engage. Here’s what I’ve learned through my own experiences: Let your passion shine through It’s hard to be critical of...
  Career Change: Parenthood - Anyone else inspired by the show?
by Patricia Erickson - Apr, 2010
Just recently I watched an episode of NBC's Parenthood that I thought was truly inspirational. I guess that personal dreams and career change touch everyone. Even writers in Hollywood. If you're an avid viewer of the series, you know that Amber is in her junior year of high school and is poised to either head off to college after she graduates from high school or maybe not - it depends on Amber. Sarah is Amber's mother and...
  Is It Your Boss That's Bad, or Are You Just Hard to Get Along With?
by Heather Mundell - Apr, 2010
In my former life, I was an HR director. HR folks can be a cautious, cynical bunch. Reason #1 - they are the legal front line when things go south with employees. Reason #2 - they've seen a lot of bizarre and bad behavior at work (and they're called in to help deal with it). I inadvertently had my HR hat on when I read What to Do If Your Boss Is the Problem on the Wall Street Journal online. It's a good article with...
  How To Guarantee A Successful Career
by Tai Goodwin - Apr, 2010
The criteria for having a successful career will vary from person to person. For some career success is measured by income, for others it may be title or the overall impact made by their work. And some of us define career success as being able to do the work we love. Regardless of our personal interpretation of career success, there are two strategies that will help you get there: 1. Building a career centered on something...
  How Visible Are You? Get In Front of Your Manager Often
by Andy Robinson - Apr, 2010
In these tough times, it is absolutely critical that you continue to demonstrate your value to your employer, to your clients and to your colleagues on a daily basis. Adding Value is THE buzz-word for "safe-guarding" your career and propelling yourself to the top of your profession. Today's Daily Dose of Value -- The Importance of "Face Time" with Your Boss Actively seek out opportunities over the course of each week --...
  Career Change Myths Exposed
by Patricia Erickson - Apr, 2010
If you have been dreaming of making a career change but for some reason never acted on that dream, you might be operating under a false assumption. In fact, there are several career change myths that can be explained away or at the very least worked around. Career Myth: #1) There’s no way for you to make a living doing something you love. Hmm...sounds like fear talking. Work doesn’t have to be something that you dread....
  We Say More Than We Realize – Body Language Can Be Powerful
by Beverly Jones - Apr, 2010
In a dog training ring it can be easy to see that our success depends on how we move our bodies. With practice we discover that every movement, and even each shift in our attitude, may change the way our dogs respond to our commands. Although we are less conscious of it, the same thing can happen in a business meeting. When we are with other people we send a constant stream of nonverbal messages. Body language can signal fa...
  The Bad Meeting Fairy
by Suzanne Bates - Apr, 2010
We were crammed like sardines into a conference room smaller than my kid sister’s bedroom growing up, and believe me that’s Lilliputian - it was a sewing room before she came along and sort of surprised my parents. Anyway, the Bates team was crowded into our smallest meeting room debating whether the image of a Native American should be included on a PowerPoint slide with a proverb that we had recently learned could not be cr...
  Try the
by Andy Robinson - Apr, 2010
In his book "Getting Things Done," David Allen talks about the power of the "Two Minute Rule" as it applies to our productivity and keeping our heads empty of all the little things we need to do. The concept is simple: If you have a task to do -- a email that you just received, responding to a voice mail message, dealing with something that has landed on your desk, etc. and it can DEFINITELY be done in two minutes or less,...
  A Bit of Pollyanna
by Nan S. Russell - Apr, 2010
"Stop being such a Pollyanna," a trusted, more experienced colleague counseled as we took the long route back to my office. He had just witnessed my project idea annihilated as co-workers eagerly argued why my idea wouldn't work, where it was flawed and why it shouldn't be funded. Despite naysayers in the room that day, I believed it was worth pursuing. Ultimately, it did receive funding and became, in time, a successful endea...
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