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  A Bit of Pollyanna
by Nan S. Russell - Apr, 2010
"Stop being such a Pollyanna," a trusted, more experienced colleague counseled as we took the long route back to my office. He had just witnessed my project idea annihilated as co-workers eagerly argued why my idea wouldn't work, where it was flawed and why it shouldn't be funded. Despite naysayers in the room that day, I believed it was worth pursuing. Ultimately, it did receive funding and became, in time, a successful endea...
  Sizing You Up - Dependability Ratings Matter
by Dawn Lennon - Apr, 2010
Being there when expected. Stepping up when needed. Always delivering the goods. Dependability counts big time for getting a job, a good performance appraisal, and a promotion. So, are you? The way we perform is a measure of the standards we bring. Dependability showcases commitment. Are we as good as our word? When we agree to do job, will we give it our best no matter what the circumstances? This can be a big test. It...
  Quack Like a Duck and Other Secrets of Successful Career Change
by Louise Fletcher - Apr, 2010
Nicholas Lore, founder of the Rockport Institute, is a career development pioneer. He single-handedly transformed the career coaching field, he’s been commended for excellence by 2 US Presidents, and his book "The Pathfinder" is one of the best selling career books in US history. Over the last 29 years he’s helped over 14,000 people to make a change. I was fortunate to spend an hour on the phone with Nick recently, and I...
  Besieged by Problems? Out of Ideas? Circle Your Masterminds.
by Dawn Lennon - Apr, 2010
In the dumps? Disgusted? Feel like no one’s struggling with career frustrations and business uncertainties the way you are? Makes you ask yourself, “What’s my problem?” Well, that’s how I felt. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an employee, a business owner, a budding entrepreneur, college student, or unemployed. We just don’t have all the answers. Finding answers is about accumulating knowledge. And it isn’t just abou...
  You Can Do This. Tell Your Story.
by Suzanne Bates - Apr, 2010
Suddenly it’s become this thing. I didn’t used to hear it that often but lately everybody’s talking about how their leaders need to tell stories. The reason most people can’t find their leadership stories is because when asked, they can only remember the stories they’ve been telling at neighborhood cocktail parties or around the family dinner table on Thanksgiving. You know - the one everybody likes about how in third gra...
  What Steve Jobs Can Teach Us About “Buzz”
by Suzanne Bates - Apr, 2010
After reading the 1,347th article on the iPad this month, I got to thinking about buzz. What does Steve Jobs know about creating buzz that could help the rest of us take our business ideas from good to breakthrough? What does he understand that makes otherwise normal people wait on line with grungy strangers for days on end without food or porta potties to get their hands on a device that nobody has even laid eyes on? A...
  Why Do We Don’t Do What We WANT To Do
by Shweta Khare - Apr, 2010
There is so much we want to do there is so much we need to do, though simple words are they need and want often forces us on different paths; it does not a matter if we like it or not. We often don’t do what we want to do because of the various hurdles that we have or we make in our lives. But whatever this discussion comes to it is safe to say that it is easy to do what we want to do if we take care of the “need” first. Re...
  Driving Your Business: Road Rules for the Mobile Office
by Amanda Guralski - Apr, 2010
Sometimes, a professional life can quite literally be a bumpy ride. My friend Rachel, fresh out of teaching school, often hides out in her car during her lunch break. She needs a quiet place to prepare for her afternoon classes, and has a hard time finding privacy and relaxation at the busy, urban school where she currently teaches. “I loved hanging out in my car, and it became a sort of mini-office for me,” she says. “I’d...
by Nan S. Russell - Apr, 2010
Even now, months after it happened, it surprises me when I think about it. No phone call. No heads up. No discussion. As I opened the email from a business associate, checking my messages from an airport lounge, I expected a routine update. Instead, I read a message severing our relationship. What startled me wasn't that this person decided it best to change a business situation. These things happen. It was how she informed...
  Courageous or Kamikaze?
by Suzanne Bates - Mar, 2010
I have a theory about why people say stupid things in meetings. Having said a few stupid things in my own career, I went searching for an answer that didn’t malign overall intelligence. So my theory is that most of the time when people say something dumb they’re doing it out of courage. They believe whatever they have to say has to be said. Of course it is important to encourage people to speak freely. If the CEO has not...
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