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by GetHired!™ Tuesday, February 07, 2012
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We've hopefully answered your questions below, but if not, you can always get assistance whenever you need it by using our local customer service.

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Why should I register? Will I lose my confidentiality by doing so?

Registering is great if you are planning to apply for several jobs – it allows you to store your information so that you don't need to re-enter it each time, tracks the jobs you've applied to, and allows you to keep your resumes organized. However, you can apply without registering as well. Your confidentiality is kept regardless of whether or not you have an account, so even if you upload a resume it's not visible to employers until you give the okay. It's up to you which approach will be most beneficial.

How do I change my password?

First, login to your account. Select "Account Information" from the "My Account" page. Here you can enter your new password.

How do I edit my contact info?

If you have recently moved or have a new email address, etc., you can easily update your account by selecting "Account Information". If you have active resumes you will need to select "edit" on each one to be sure employers have your updated information as well.

Can I have multiple accounts?

Only one account is allowed per email address. Should you decide to open additional accounts, you will need a different, valid email address for each account. Resumes and other personal/secure information cannot be shared between accounts.

Should I cancel my account if I'm no longer looking for a job?

After you've landed a great job you may want to cancel your account, but leaving your account open won’t hurt. It's a great place to store your resumes for future use – and if that great new job quickly loses its luster, you can just login to resume your search. If you are considering canceling your account because you want to deactivate your status, simply set any resumes you have to "private". This will keep them in your account, but deactivate them from the resume database.


Can I save my search?

Yes! We refer to a saved search as an "agent". You can run this agent anytime you login or you can set it to email you the results daily or weekly.

What is MilwaukeeDiversity.com?

MilwaukeeDiversity.com is just one of the local employment sites in our network. The employers on this site have indicated that they are looking for a diverse workforce so their postings are listed on both our job resource site and our diversity site. You will also find resources tailored to diversity in the workplace.

Why don't some companies list salary information?

It is up to the company whether or not they'd like to list salary information. Sometimes they omit it to avoid an abundance of responses from unqualified candidates who seek out jobs with certain salaries, or they just really don't know what it will be. The salary may be dependent upon experience, so to place an estimate is difficult.

I'm not getting the response I'd like, what can I do?

When times are tough, there are things you can do to improve your response rate. Try updating your resume – if you're not sure how, view our resources page to get tips from local experts. Not only does this improve the quality of your resume, but it refreshes it in the database as well (more employers may then take a peek at it.) And, when filling out an application include a cover letter and take your time answering any questionnaires the employer may have. This shows employers you're not just sending off resumes to multiple companies and that you’re truly interested. Details are important, so be sure to proofread your answers in the questionnaires, your success could depend on it.


What does making my profile "public" or "private" mean?

"Public" means that your resume will be added to the resume database – a great option for added exposure if you’re out of work and are looking for a new job. The resume database is a place where employers have the ability to look at resumes that match their job requirements, but only if your profile is "public". "Private" means your resume is only visible to you and the person/people you send it to. This may be a better option if you are currently employed, but are looking for another job to keep your search more private.

What does it mean to "upload" my resume?

To upload your resume means simply to attach it in another format. We then convert that file to a PDF, the most commonly used file to view multiple types of documents. This ensures that the formatting you used to create your resume remains the same and is legible to employers.

Why do I need to paste my resume, and upload it?

While you are not required to paste your resume text if you have uploaded your resume, some prefer to in case the employer is unable to open the PDF. A backup file containing your resume doesn't hurt!

How do I copy & paste my resume?

If you have a document that you'd like to copy and paste, select "edit" from your browser window, followed by "select all". Then, go back to "edit" and select "copy". Click over to the text box where you need to paste the text and select "edit" once again, followed by "paste".

If I choose to upload my resume, what format is best?

You can upload your resume in a variety of formats. A PDF or Microsoft Word Document (.doc) is most common but we also accept .docx, .rtf, .wps, .wpd, .htm, .html, and .txt

Why is the title of my resume my most recent job? Can I change it?

Your resume's title is the most recent job you've held (or are currently holding). It provides employers an idea of what titles you've held. The title of your resume is not the only criteria used when employers search for you. They use other fields that you’re required to fill out, including your areas of expertise, experience, education, etc. – so don't let this field discourage you! You may change it by selecting the "edit" option on your resume, however employers understand that what's in this field is not the entirety of your resume.

What should I do if I want to edit my existing PDF resume?

If you would like to edit the PDF version of your resume you will need to first edit the source document (i.e. the one you used to originally write your resume, .doc, etc) Once you have that you will need to upload the new resume and delete the old.

Can I check how many times my resume has been viewed?

Yes! Login to your account and select the "My Resumes" tab. To the far right is the "Access Count" column – this is the number of views your resume has had. Remember, your resume must be set as "Public" for this number to really jump up.


Why do some positions direct me away from MilwaukeeJobs.com, or in some cases, not allow me to fill out an application online?

When employers post jobs on our site they have a few options for how applicants can apply. Some choose to use our online form, others have one on their own site that they prefer to use, and some prefer to meet candidates face-to-face. Majority of positions allow you to fill out an online application, however there are some that prefer to have you drop one off in person.

Do I need to be registered to apply to a job?

Nope. Anyone can apply to a job on our site, however you will not be able to store your resume or keep track of the jobs you've applied to, unless you are registered.

Why does it say "application unavailable" when I click on the complete application for a job I've already applied to? Did my application not go through?

If you are getting this message it's because when you initially applied to the position it redirected you to the employer’s web site to fill out their online application. Your application has been processed and will remain in your "Job Applications" section, however because the application is hosted on the employer’s site we cannot provide an additional copy for you.

Where can I view the jobs I've applied to?

Login to your account. You will default to the "My Account" tab. Within this section is the category "Resume and Profile Management". The last option, "Job Applications", will show you the jobs you've applied to, which resume you used, the date you applied and if the position is still available.

I've applied, now what?

Check back often, opportunities are added daily. Check out and apply to similar jobs if you meet the qualifications. Use our resources to prepare yourself for a possible interview or how to keep motivated during your search, and don't forget to follow-up with a "Thank You" to the employer after any and every interview you have.

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